Kratom is a multipurpose plant that originated in Southeast Asia and has grown in popularity in recent years. It comes in a variety of flavors and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Making kratom tea is one of the most popular methods used by native people in its home countries. Therefore, this post will show you how to make kratom tea. Even more so, make it as though you were an expert tea artisan.

If you have never made kratom tea before, you will soon discover that it is not difficult. You don’t need any specific skills to perform everything from crushing the leaf to boiling them.

Although kratom powder and tea bag are available on market, making kratom tea with crushed leaf has more advantages than taking it as a powder or in a tea bag. So, if you have access to fresh kratom leaves, you might want to try macerating and brewing with 1-2 regular-sized leaves.

What is Crushed Leaf Kratom?

When the leaf of a mature kratom plant are ground into powder, its many constituents are broken down. Crushed leaf differs from traditional kratom powder in that the alkaloid profile is divergent due to the crushing rather than the grinding.

With this approach, crushed leaf have qualities that aren’t present in most kratom powders or are only mildly present. This enticing concoction is the best kratom tea. Brewing kratom tea is considered an ancient rite by people who appreciate the rich history of kratom. For generations, Southeast Asians have been crushing and preparing kratom tea.

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In the United States, crushed leaf is less prevalent than capsules or other forms. It is, however, frequently easier on the stomach and has a speedier effect, so it is definitely worth a shot.

In addition, because the leaf is plucked from the plant, dried, and packaged for export, crushed leaf does not usually come in numerous strains. It doesn’t have the same variety of drying processes as plain leaf when it comes to producing distinct strains. As a result, crushed leaf is best regarded as full spectrum (all veins mixed).

Crushed Leaf Kratom Benefits

It may appear that the simplest method of consuming kratom is to filter the powder from a hot water slurry created with kratom powder. But filtering kratom powder is difficult since few filter sheets are thin enough to extract all of the powder. Hence, leaving you with an overly gritty beverage, no matter how hard you try.

This not only degrades the beverage and violates the practice of avoiding eating leaf particles, but it also bothers the stomach. Crushed leaf kratom, on the other hand, is the ideal solution to these issues. It’s a very much like eating a fresh plant. It contains almost all of the alkaloids in their natural quantities.

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Another advantage of kratom crushed leaf is that it eliminates the need to swallow all of the excess plant stuff found in plain leaf, which can reduce gastrointestinal troubles (especially for beginners). Crushed leaf, as a full spectrum kratom variety, provides a calming start and a clean finish. Furthermore, kratom tea essentially eliminates the possibility of sickness, resulting in a faster euphoric impact.

Because the crushed leaf needs time to break down in hot water, kratom tea provides a pleasant and aromatic drinking experience, as compared to the often nauseating feeling of sprinkling powder on one’s tongue. It goes down easier and stays down longer without causing indigestion or vomiting.

How to Crush Kratom Leaf?

Crushing kratom leaf is a simple process. However, it must be done correctly to avoid damaging the leaves. First and foremost, dry your fresh kratom leaves under the sun. They won’t crumble easily if they aren’t, and your kratom may mold as a result. So, dry them in the sun until the color turns brown or golden brown.

Second, if the stem and veins from the leaves have not yet been removed, you must do so. But keep in mind that kratom stem and vein contain alkaloids as well, so you can use them separately or mix them with your kratom leaf.

Crush the leaf with your hands; if they’ve been well dried, they’ll crumble easily. If you don’t know how to make kratom tea with crushed leaf, keep reading to learn the recipe.

How To Make Kratom Tea with Crushed Leaf (Hot)

Let’s dive into how to prepare kratom tea now that we’ve gone through the reasons why we want to use the crushed leaf. Whether you’re buying ready-made tea bags or crushing the dried leaves yourself, there are basic guidelines to follow while making kratom tea.

To begin, always use a lemon or an acidic liquid of equal strength. If you don’t have lemon juice or a lemon on hand, lime juice or apple cider vinegar are good alternatives.


  • 10-25 grams crushed Kratom leaf (depending on dose). Start with a low dose if you’re a novice user.)
  • A lemon, two tablespoons lemon, lime, or apple cider vinegar, or 160mg citric acid powder (choose only one)
  • A teaspoon of sweetener (sugar or honey)
  • A half liter of water
  • Two pans


  1. On a low heat, bring one liter of water to a boil in a pan.
  2. Place the crushed leaf in a separate pan while you wait for the water to boil.
  3. Squeeze half a lemon’s juice, or other acidic liquid of your choice into the pan. The goal is to assist the alkaloids in leaving the crushed leaf.
  4. Allow the lemon juice to soak in the crushed kratom leaf. Wait until the water in the other pan has reached a rolling boil.
  5. Pour boiling water over the crushed leaf and lemon juice mixture and simmer for at least 20 minutes to allow additional alkaloids from the leaf to migrate into the water.

How To Make Kratom Tea with Crushed Leaf (Iced)


  • 10-20 grams crushed Kratom leaf (depending on dosage). Start with a low dose if you’re a new user.
  • A half liter of water
  • A glass of ice-cold water
  • A freezer or a basin of ice cubes
  • Another cup of ice cubes
  • A lemon, two tablespoons lemon, lime, or apple cider vinegar, or 160mg citric acid powder (choose only one)
  • Sweetener (honey, sugar, or syrup)
  • Retainer
  • Pan


  1. Freeze the crushed leaf in a freezer bag. If you don’t have one, just put them in an ice cube bowl. During boiling, the chilly temperature causes more alkaloids to be released. Allow at least 30 minutes for the process to complete.
  2. When everything is ready, remove the crushed leaf from the freezer and combine them with two limes and a cup of ice cold water or ice cubes. Mix everything together thoroughly and set aside while you get the water ready to boil.
  3. Pour half a liter of water into a pan and bring to a boil over low heat.
  4. Pour the kratom, lime, and ice cold water mixture into the pan once it is almost boiling. The coldness of the mixture should cause the water temperature to drop. Cook for 30 minutes on the lowest heat setting, or until the mixture boils.
  5. You should have a wonderful reddish, golden, light brown tea after 30 minutes or once the mixture has boiled. Turn the gas off.
  6. Squeeze out the leaf with a retainer to catch the residue. Allow the tea to cool.
  7. Once it has reached room temperature, taste it and add some sweetener.
  8. Toss a few ice cubes into the sweetened tea and thoroughly mix them in.
  9. Divide into two glasses and serve.

How to Make Kratom Tea with Crushed Leaf Using the Secret Methods

First thing first, it’s not a good idea to use extract powder. It could be destroyed if it comes into contact with hot water, and since extracts can be expensive, it will be very costly.

Second, it’s preferable to make this herbal tea at just below boiling temperature. Some of the active components in the plant will break down at boiling temperatures or higher before you ever ingest them. A slow simmer, near but not quite boiling, is excellent for extracting the majority of the active components.

Third, to make a cup of tea, you’ll probably need 200ml to 300ml of water. Because kratom is hydrophobic, you may need to thoroughly mix it to prevent dry clumps from adhering together. It’s likely that adding a solid foundation, such as coconut milk or oil, will help with the emulsification. The amount of water used will determine the brew’s effectiveness as well as its flavor.

Fourth, because mitragynine is fat-soluble, you can boost absorption by using coconut oil, MCT oil, or coconut milk. Some people even utilize a little dose of magnesium, which is a common supplement for kratom to counteract tolerance build-up or probable constipation.

Just as other herbal teas such as green tea, black tea, and chamomile, the longer you steep kratom tea, the more bitter it becomes. Many people dislike the sensation. So, you’ll probably want to add some flavoring. Brown sugar, cocoa powder, instant cappuccino powder, honey, and other sweeteners are well-known for disguising the taste.

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What is Kratom Tea Good for?

The many established benefits of drinking kratom tea have increased the popularity of kratom. The benefits of kratom come from its active components. You’re unlikely to have digestive problems if you drink kratom tea. Kratom is a fibrous, insoluble substance. The human body’s architecture prevents it from digesting vast quantities of pulverized leaves.

As a result, if you chew too much of it, you will experience bloating, gas, and constipation. Because you eat liquid rather than leaves when boiling and straining kratom leaves, you can prevent these side effects.

Below are some other kratom tea benefits.

1. Relieve Pain

Most individuals eat kratom leaves because of its well-known pain-relieving properties. It is attributed to the high concentration of analgesic properties, known as alkaloids, that allows for a fast relief effect.

The fact that kratom tea is a natural substance with no negative effects and is non-addictive when ingested in low to medium amounts makes it superior to opioids, even moderate ones.

Mitragynine, a molecule that has action similar to morphine and codeine and is an excellent pain reliever, is the principal pain-relieving ingredient in kratom tea. The alkaloids in kratom tea also have an effect on the central nervous system. The body then creates enkephalins and endorphins, which diminish the activity of pain receptors in the body.

As a result, drinking kratom tea can help to ease pain such as muscle soreness, headaches, and joint pain. Even when used in moderation, this makes it a better pain-relieving option.

2. Cure Insomnia

For many people, insomnia is a major problem. Sleep deprivation, or a lack of sufficient high-quality sleep, has been related to major health problems such as depression and obesity. Kratom has been shown to be an effective treatment for insomnia and sleep disturbances in general.

Kratom aids in the body’s sleep cycle regulation. Before bed, drinking kratom tea can help you fall asleep faster and experience deeper REM sleep, which is when the body heals itself.

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3. Enhance Energy

Kratom tea has also been proven to aid in the optimization of a variety of metabolic activities, resulting in a rise in energy levels. The alkaloids in kratom also impact blood flow to certain muscles and body parts, further preparing consumers for extracurricular activities and exercise.

The energy-boosting characteristics of kratom are due to a combination of better metabolic activity and increased blood flow to various muscles. Kratom leaves are a natural alternative for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

4. Natural Aphrodisiac for Sexual Intercourse

Many traditional practitioners and users regard kratom as an aphrodisiac and fertility booster, as the increased vigor and bloodstream can aid in increasing fertility, re-energizing a weary libido, and improving duration/conception rates.

5. Helps in the Treatment of Depression

While kratom is not an opioid, it does aid in pain reduction, as previously said. Those who take kratom tea may have improved moods as a result of the pain relief. Kratom tea has also been linked to a reduction in the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks. Anxiety episodes can cause stress, which in turn can cause sadness. Kratom tea calms nerves and improves mood.

Kratom leaves are frequently used as anxiolytics for those who are constantly stressed, depressed, apprehensive, or have mood swings. Endorphins and serotonin are released when you drink kratom tea made from crushed leaf. Both hormones are critical for improving mood and lowering despair.

Kratom users might finally receive relief from tiring indicators of chemical imbalance by regulating hormones in the body. They don’t have to rely on medications and all of the unforeseen consequences that come with “FDA-approved” drugs.

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6. Recovery from Opioid Addiction

For many years, kratom leaves have been employed as a method of addiction treatment due to its intrinsically healthy character, as well as their wide range of effects.

Opium addiction is a severe problem in many cultures, but chewing kratom leaves on a regular basis produces a comparable sensation without the hangovers or negative side effects. As a result of this, when people are attempting to “get clean” and maintain that approach.

They frequently turn to kratom leaves as a bearable alternative, making these leaves extremely valuable in many parts of the world. This also helps to mask withdrawal symptoms while you wean yourself off of the stronger medicine.

7. Diabetic Treatment

The effect of kratom leaves on blood sugar levels is one of the less well-known benefits. The alkaloids in the leaves can help control the amount of insulin and glucose in the blood.

Hence, they can effectively prevent the dangerous peaks and troughs that diabetics experience. This can help diabetics not only manage their condition, but also prevent diabetes from developing in the first place.

Final Thought: How to Make Kratom Tea Like a Tea Artisan

There are numerous ways to consume kratom, but the ideal approach is to brew it. It’s even better if you make it from crushed leaf. It releases more active compounds, making it bio-compatible, and the body quickly absorbs these chemicals, providing the body with all of the health benefits. If you don’t know how to make Kratom tea like a professional tea artisan, find the secret method in this article.

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