Medical conditions are without a doubt a curse on human life. A number of medical disorders disrupts the fundamental human life cycle. People with one of the other issues take medications and other drugs. They frequently concentrate on the pharmaceuticals made by the medical sectors. But maybe for now you are considering kratom for the first time.

But people often overlook the fact that some necessary medications are present in nature. Natural remedies found in nature have long been useful, as is common knowledge. Some people utilize herbal remedies with therapeutic qualities to treat a variety of medical ailments. Kratom is the first thing that comes to mind of being a such exceptional natural drug.

Due to the rapid onset of its effects, many people may idealize allopathic therapies for their illnesses and problems. They thus provide pain relief more quickly. Avoiding chemically treated medications, which have negative side effects and can lead to addiction, is still an ideal circumstance. They at best render the patient permanently or for a very long period of time reliant on these medications.

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Kratom: The New Kid on the Block

kratom first choice

One substance that consistently offers people many health advantages is kratom. It is a type of medication that comes in a variety of strains. Every strain has distinctive qualities and advantages of its own.

It follows that kratom’s popularity is growing, even though it may not yet be on your radar. People all over the world adore for the diversity of its results and the advantages it may offer to a wide range of individuals.

The AKA estimates that between 3 and 5 million Americans either use the herbal supplement recreationally or use it to treat their own health conditions, such as pain or insomnia.

You may wonder when was kratom first discovered. The thing is, no one can be sure about the exact date or year. But since centuries ago Southeast Asian people were the first kratom consumers when the government banned opium. However, it is now in use all over the world. What possible significant causes could there be for such widespread of use? Why is it so admired and frequently used?

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What is Kratom Exactly?

The wonderful tropical evergreen tree known as kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa in Latin, comes from Southeast Asia in nations like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Its big, green leaves are closely related to those of the coffee plant.

Southeast Asians have been familiar with the plant for millennia, and it has played a significant role in their cultural activities for an equal amount of time. Southeast Asians have incorporated it into their cultures traditionally by chewing it or making it into a bitter kratom tea for home or local rituals beverages.

Now, kratom is beginning to gain popularity on a global scale, especially in the United States. It found its way to the West in the previous century as a plant that can offer a variety of advantages, including improved motivation, serenity, and focus. The naturally occurring kratom alkaloids, mainly mitragynine, which are very advantageous to humans, are the first thing that distinguishes the herbal plant from other botanicals.

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Is Mitragynine an Opiate?

Mitragynine exists naturally in every leaf of kratom. Similar to morphine and other narcotics, it binds to our opioid receptors. Similarity, however, does not equate to identity.

The distinction is that instead of actually generating endorphins, Mitragynine deceives the body into believing it is doing so. To put it another way, Mitragynine imitates endorphin release. Contrary to other drugs like morphine, which act as the catalyst for the release of endorphins, this does not happen.

Mitragynine, despite the fact that it functions like an opioid, is not an opiate. The advantages exist without the same hazards that opioids carry.

Because of this, Mitragynine is the greatest supplement to use when experiencing opioid withdrawal symptoms. In actuality, doctors in the U.S., Europe, or other nations used Mitragynine medically to treat opiate withdrawal before the FDA’s shady plan to ban it.

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Do You Know Which Strain is Right for You?

deep jungle kratom

When we discuss various kratom strains, we are talking about diverse leaf variations that are harvested in various nations, locations, and climates. The farmers can harvest the leaves at various stages of maturity. The youngest leaves have a reddish tint; mature leaves turn green; and past-maturation leaves turn brownish.

The different strains have distinct effects. Our knowledge of this herb comes from local experts who have been utilizing it traditionally or in shamanic rituals since at least the nineteenth century.

You should be aware that kratom choice has three different vein colors: red, green, and white, before you begin. Each has distinctive effects.

  • Red Vein, which is frequently calming and relaxing
  • Green Vein, which often promotes euphoria and uplift
  • White Vein, which is often stimulating and energizing

There are several strains within each type of vein. Purchasing several various strains and utilizing each one is the best way to select a strain, which can also aid prevent acclimating to any one specific fragrance.

Take into account your level of experience when selecting the best strain. Beginners should begin with short-duration, gentle strains. Users with more experience can start looking into more powerful solutions, such as Premium Bika or North Putussibau.

Last but not least, always use the appropriate strain when necessary! The best strains for the morning are stimulating, while the best strains for winding down before bed are more calming and restful.

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5 First Choice Kratom Strains for Beginners

Have you noticed the many strains and are unsure of where to start? Because it may seem overwhelming, do some research on kratom first and some home experimentation. By then you’re likely to quickly identify your favorites.

For now, we’ll make it simple for you by recommending the following 5 strains.

Choice 1 – Jungle Kratom Strains with 2% Alkaloids

jungle kratom

Our jungle kratom strains, Premium Bika and Premium North Putussibau, are not grown in plantation, but rather grows wild in the forest of Kapuas Hulu, West Borneo. The abundance and variety of nutrients in the jungle soil give these strains their distinctive fresh scent and strong kratom alkaloid concentration at 2%.

The jungle is traversed by a river, which helps the kratom trees flourish for years. Because of the locals’ particular concern for the environment, along with the help from nature conservation institutions such as FORCLIME and UNESCO, the jungle is also renowned for its fecundity.

From the many regular lab tests we’ve done so far, our jungle kratom strains, namely Premium Bika and Premium North Putussibau, have a substantially higher kratom alkaloid content at 2%. This indicates that they will give greater strength and are ideal for increasing energy levels, boosting mood and productivity, and reducing pain.

These two strains are a rarity and thus are quite difficult to find. Purchase these rare strains of kratom with 2% alkaloids only from Borneohale!

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Choice 2 – Kali or Hulu Kratom

The Kali strain, or sometimes called Hulu (shortened form of Kapuas Hulu), has a more calming fragrance. The Kapuas Hulu region of Kali (shortened form of Kalimantan, or Borneo) is where the leaves are harvested.

When employed, different regions provide distinct effects. This is brought on by variations in the soil’s minerals and other geological elements where it is grown. Borneohale always makes sure first that every kratom it sells has undergone a quality check, is safe to take, and provides a good and consistent strength.

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Choice 3 – Jongkong Kratom

White Jongkong Kratom

Other than jungle kratom, our Jongkong strain also grows wild in the Jongkong jungle of Kapuas Hulu, West Bornoe. Because of the known density of the jungle, Jongkong kratom has a distinctively earthy flavor.

Furthermore, the presence of trees and fertile terrain in the Jongkong jungle encourages the growth of superior plants, including kratom. Because of how natural the environment is and how little human influence there is, the jungle produces kratom leaves with a very fresh aroma.

Jongkong kratom is effective at reducing pain, increasing productivity, enhancing mood, healing fatigue, and reducing pain with its analgesic properties.

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Choice 4 – Thai or Maeng Da

Thai strains is primarily grown outside of Thailand due to the 1943 ban. A lot of them are grown in the West Borneo province of Indonesia. Thai strains are well-known for their energizing scent. You can also try Maeng Da kratom, which is the genetic alteration of the Thai strains. The Maeng Da strain is one of the most potent strains, just below our Premium Bika or North Putussibau. Most first time kratom users love Maeng Da’s stimulating and uplifting scent.

Choice 5 – Fermented or Bentuangie Kratom

Red Bentuangie Kratom

Fermented kratom, or more familiarly known as Bentuangie, is a unique strain because it undergoes a fermentation process. First the kratom leaves are dried and then fermented in a complete darkness room. The purpose of the fermentation is to enhance the calming scent and solidifying the color of the finished product. Bentuangie kratom is quickly gaining recognition for its calming and unwinding smells.

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How to Use and Store Kratom

Although drinking kratom tea is one of the most common consumption methods, many people dislike the herb’s overpowering flavor. The bitter taste of kratom tea is readily avoided thanks to the development of kratom powder and the availability of tools for customers to create kratom capsules.

Many first time kratom users add kratom powder to smoothies and other foods, such as applesauce, to cover the taste. Generally speaking, any dish or beverage that can have additional spices and herbs added to it makes an excellent carrier for your kratom powder because you may utilize strong-tasting ingredients to mask the taste.

Utilizing capsules is yet another really beneficial way to consume kratom other than kratom tea. You can use any strain to create your customized capsules. Kratom capsules fully avoid the flavor, are covert, practical, and you can quickly change the dosage. Wherever you are in your daily routine, you can carry them with you to give your wellbeing a boost.

Regardless of whether your kratom is in powder or leaf form, pick a place that is dark, dry, and has a consistent temperature to store it. Even if your kratom is one of the longest-lasting strains available, the main enemies of its longevity are moisture, light, and oxygen. Store it in plastic bags or dark, airtight containers, away from dampness and direct sunlight.

Choose the best route of ingestion for you when you first using it, and keep it correctly.

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What To Look For When Buying Kratom for the First Time?

kratom borneohale safety

How can you tell if the first kratom you’re buying is pure, safe, and of high quality? Even if you don’t know much about this at the moment, if you seek these factors, you should be able to find a first choice kratom product that you like.

1. Know the Source

First choice kratom suppliers will only obtain this Southeast Asian plant from reliable sources with whom they have developed a rapport. They ought to be aware of where it is grown, who is growing it, and how it is handled and packaged after harvest.

You should be sure you’re obtaining a high-quality product by only purchasing from merchants who have a history of working with first class kratom farmers.

2. Quality Control

It is essential to grow, harvest, and dry kratom first in accordance with customary procedures. The leaves won’t have as many active kratom alkaloids in them if you pick it too early or too late. In the final weeks before harvest, exposing kratom trees to a lot of heat and sun might cause the tree to grow rapidly.

After harvesting the leaves, first choice kratom processors give the leaves differing quantities of sunlight to produce the various strains. This method results in various strain colors that match the strain names, such as green, red, white, or yellow.

You might want to search elsewhere if a merchant doesn’t seem to have a good working relationship with first choice kratom harvesters and processors. Those lacking access to traditional community knowledge might not be aware of the precise timing for harvesting or drying each type of leaf.

Make sure the supplier you select tests the purity and quality of its goods in an independent laboratory. You can be sure that your first kratom is pure and nothing else because outside testing gives the product an unbiased chemical evaluation.

If the product has any contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, or bacteria, outside lab testing can also reveal this information. Just keep in mind that lab testing is not necessary in the United States, thus you should search for companies who employ the normative lab testing.

3. Look at the Packaging

When it comes to kratom, you should definitely judge it by its packaging, despite the proverbial rule that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Verify that it was packaged in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure that it satisfies or exceeds the manufacturing standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Check the packing for the following characteristics:

  • Unaltered and sealed
  • Sealable
  • Child-Proof Material 
  • Light-Resistant
  • These criteria must be met for it to be considered an excellent product.

Trust Borneohale for Pure, First Choice Kratom

We take great delight in providing pure, first choice kratom at Borneohale. Contact us if you need assistance with the shipping of your order. Discover your new favorite by perusing the many strains we have available!

Please be aware that the material on this page is not meant to be medical advice; rather, it is provided for educational reasons only. We don’t sell our kratom for human consumption.

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