How To Control Kratom tolerance is a common question among Kratom Users. It is a good topic to discuss on the Kratom forum.

Kratom Tolerance, like any other tolerance such as CBD for example, refers to a situation where little to no effects on the user experience when taking their regular dose of Kratom.
This usually happens after taking Kratom for a long time without giving it a break. Initially, you’ll have the urge to take a larger dose. and as it goes, a larger dosage can’t even satisfy your craving.

There are a few ways to minimize the risk of Kratom Tolerance:

Control your Dosage

The first thing first is to control the amount dosage like how many grams per taking and how many times a day should you take Kratom. New Kratom users could take 2 – 4 grams per taking.

If you are a more experienced Kratom user, you could take 5 up to 10 grams of Kratom.

Normally we do not suggest taking anything above 10 grams but we do know there’s no one size fits all thing.

Besides the grams per taking, one should pay attention to how many times in a day should Kratom be taken. If you are a new Kratom user, we suggest taking it only once a day. If you are a more experienced user, you could take it up to two times a day.

For more information about Kratom dosage and effects you could refer to this article: (Easy Guide to the Best Kratom Dosage)

Take Kratom Breaks

You could take kratom breaks whenever possible. Breaks could be like a day or two of days of not taking kratom. You could also take a whole week of kratom break if possible as it gives more time to your opioid system to get refresh itself, thus giving a better sensation for you once you retake the Kratom. Like any other thing, the opioid system needs rest too!

Take Different Vein Colors

Experienced Kratom users usually have at least one strain per color in their possession. This is so that he could take different types of Kratom each time they are consuming it. It is believed that diversifying the variants that you are taking could minimize tolerance.

Just like how people take different strains of cannabis to prevent tolerance, Kratom could also work that way.

Maintain a Good Opioid System

Kratom Tolerance

It is important as well to maintain an optimum opioid system. Usually maintaining the opioid system is associated with ensuring a good production of endorphins in your system.

There are a few ways of achieving this activity such as: doing meditation, eating food you like, group exercising, eating dark chocolate, getting a massage, and being involved in other pleasant activities.

Boosting endorphin production is important for Kratom users as regular kratom intake could slowly decrease the production of endorphins.

This condition is not permanent and not dangerous though, however, to ensure you have the best life experience with taking Kratom, we do suggest you balance it with endorphin production boosting activities.

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