Talking about Kratom variation will never really end. After all, people always keep coming up with a new blend and name. Gold Kratom and its effects is not the exception. 

Being popular since before, gold Kratom is known as the ‘premium’ blend that has a wide range of effects. What exactly is it and why are the effects quite unique?

Read on to find the answer. 

What is Gold Kratom?

Gold Kratom

Simply said, gold Kratom is a specific blend between two or more Kratom strains. The blend is totally up to the vendor, whether they just use red and green vein or all three together.

The name ‘Gold’ is just a way to differentiate the blend from the stand alone, single veined Kratom. It’s also named after the color that looks like gold from the blend between red, green, or white veined Kratom.  

As Kratom alkaloid profile changes based on the harvesting and drying processes, gold Kratom ends up with a wide range of positive effects. Ergo, many users do discover it works well for their issues.

Gold Kratom Effects

Since gold Kratom is the result of different strains, it can be hard to track down its alkaloid profile. From the wide range of the effects its provide, gold Kratom is generally formulated by these strains:

Kratom Vein Colors

It is well known to bring peace of mind. Red strains’ main properties are its calming effects along with improving one’s overall well-being as it helps with sleep disorders, chronic pain, and daily stress.

Green vein main properties are as a mood and cognitive enhancement. Generally, the green vein is moderately effective to treat pain and other discomforts without causing drowsiness.

White vein main effects are as stimulant to boost your productivity. Many users choose to take white vein Kratom to improve concentration, motivation and stamina during long working hours.

From these three vein color varieties, other Kratom blends are developed. The same goes for gold Kratom. It can be a little red, a little green, a lot of white, or some other combination.

Hence, the effects that come from gold Kratom are likely to be a combination of these three Kratom effects.

Gold Kratom Strains

There are two strains of gold Kratom at Borneohale. For quality and safety, we make sure that all of our Kratom are tested for microorganism, heavy metals, and alkaloid content.

That so, here is our gold:

  • Gold Maeng Da
Gold Maeng Da Kratom

The best strain for pain relief. Gold Maeng Da Kratom is recognized for its strong pain relief, moderate stimulation and stress relief effects with a sense of euphoria.  It is also notable for its effects that may last up to 6 hours

Gold Maluku Kratom

The right strain for pain relief, it is best known for its strong sedation and pain relief properties that have long lasting effects. It helps to increase overall mood and decrease fatigue without causing nausea.


Generally, just like any other Kratom, taking 2-3 grams of gold Kratom should be enough to get its full effects. Others prefer using a teaspoon to measure the intake with each teaspoon corresponding to around 2.5 grams. 

Ideally, taking Kratom every day should be limited to 5 grams within every 6 hours if you only take Kratom occasionally. On the other hand, if you take Kratom regularly, reducing intake to 0.5-2.5 grams per day is better. 

By contrast, you must take caution if the consumption is for over 12-15 grams in a day. That level of consumption is considered as more harmful than useful as you might develop tolerance and end up abusing Kratom usage.

Bottom Line

Gold Kratom Effects
Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash

Gold Kratom is certainly packed with a wide range of positive effects. However, you need to be sure about the quality of the Kratom and the amount you take.

Abusing Kratom usage will only give you negative impacts. So, do watchout for over using it by taking note of your daily intake. 

For the high Kratom quality, you can find it at Borneohale that provides lab test results for all of the Kratom! Contact us for more detailed information or find out more about Kratom from our articles collection