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What is Palm Kernel Shell? Palm Kernel Shell is the leftover shell pieces from the palm oil mill after the nut has been extracted and crushed. Palm Kernel Shell usage includes fuel for boilers in many industries, and source of biomass and bioenergy.

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  • PKS can be used ad filters and lightweight aggregate for concreate, and a variety of dimensional grades.
  • As fuel alternative, PKS has great combustion, homogeneous size distribution, simplicity of handling, and minimal greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To be utilized in pollution reduction, water treatment, agriculture, and other fields.

Palm Kernel Shell

Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) are the leftovers of the palm oil after the nut has been crushed and removed in mill. Its uses include the production of fuel and charcoal for sustainable recycled biomass energy. Borneohale is a Palm Kernel Shells supplier in Indonesia. 

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Palm Kernel Shell is a byproduct of the manufacturing of palm kernel oil and palm oil from the seeds of the palm tree. The shell lies between the flesh of the palm fruit and the palm kernel.

Palm Kernel Shell is used as the ideal fuel for wood cogeneration plants, thermal power plants, biomass power plants, and industrial plants.

Palm kernel shell is tiny in size and high in thermal energy. It also falls under the category of renewable energy, which complies with most countries' energy regulation. It is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to steam coals and wood chips.

Typical Palm Kernel Shell specification is as follows:

  • Gross Calorie Value 4.200-4.500 Kcal

  • Activated Carbon 20-22%

  • Moisture 8-11% (Air Dried Base), 15-25% (as received)

  • Evaporation levels 68-70%

  • Impurities max 3%

  • Ash Content max 3%

  • Sulphur max 1%

  • Size 4-20mm

After the oil palm fruit has undergone the early stages of the palm oil process, the shell covering the kernel in intact form is sent to the next step of cracking and separation.

To deliver high quality Palm Kernel Shell, we also undergo quality control where we make sure that our product has foreign objects, moisture present, and range of thickness discrepancies as minimum as possible.

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