Broom Stick

High quality, long lasting, and well dried sticks for cleaning.

Palm broom sticks are a product from the bone of a palm leaf, which links the leaf and midrib. The brooms are made by combing the bones’ leafy interiors until they are entirely cleaned. We provide you with premium broomsticks that are completely dry, elastic, unweathered, free of black spots, bumps, and mold. They are usually used to make crafts and cleaning utensils.

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  • Made of selected high class material and well dried (no moldy)
  • Last for a very long time and Difficult to deform or break
  • Practical and lightweight and Easy cleaning


Palm Broom Stick is a cleaning tool made from stiff fibers of palm leaves. The fibers are linked to a cylindrical handle and run almost parallel to it. Borneohale is a Palm Broom Stick manufacturer from Indonesia. We hire experienced farmers to work for our plantations and manufacture Palm Broom Sticks with the finest technology.

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Palm Broom Sticks, or sometimes known as Palm Ekel Broom Sticks, is a cleaning tool consisting of stiff fibers attached to, and roughly parallel to a cylindrical handle. It is made of carefully chosen material from the Nypa palm trees.

Palm Broom Sticks effectively repel dust. Therefore, they are used for cleaning the rough surfaces or floors of various types of buildings, including houses, garages, huts, warehouses, and barns.

By using environmentally-friendly cleaning instruments such as Palm Broom Sticks, you are making a contribution to the conservation of nature. It also effectively cuts your bill as it does not require charging or electricity.

Typical Palm Broom Sticks specification is as follows:

100% nypa palm leaves
  • Free from humps and molds

  • Completely dried

  • Durable handle

  • Length 80 - 90 cm

We choose the finest Nypa palm trees and gather the fronds. The leaves are then taken off and the fronds are cleaned. To prevent the growth of fungus, the cleaned sticks were then dried in the sun. We then use a cylinder handle to tie the sticks.

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