Is There a Difference Between Kratom High and Opiates High?

A lot of people must have this question in mind when considering kratom: is kratom an opiate? Well, there is a difference between kratom high and opiates high. The term “Kratom High” is both a misnomer and an accurate description.

So, how do you tell the two apart? This effect from Kratom is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it is capable of. Because of the so-called “high” feeling when using Kratom, some people (and the media) lump it in with opiates.

Is Kratom an Opiate?

The answer is both yes and no. It is not altogether inaccurate to compare this Southeast Asian natural plant to opiates. While it is not an opiate, Kratom does operate on opioid receptors. One of the advantages is that it allows users to feel more energized, outgoing, and focused.

If taken at a slightly larger dose, it can also have a sedative and soothing effect. Its effects are similar to those of opiates in several ways. Kratom, on the other hand, is distinct from opiates in that it has no harmful side effects or addictive potential.

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Alkaloids, a naturally occurring element that connects with cell receptors, are found in Kratom. As a result, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, which has a good impact on one’s body functions, emotions, and thinking. This is similar to how opiates influence the body in one way or another.

Kratom, on the other hand, is extremely safe because it only binds to these receptors for a brief encounter before naturally dissipating. It doesn’t cling to these receptors, causing addiction by interfering with the body’s normal functioning.

To summarize, Kratom and opiates both produce a “high” feeling. However Kratom is distinct in that it has no negative side effects. This is also why many individuals use Kratom to help them cut back on opiates while experiencing fewer withdrawal symptoms.

Kratom Highs of Various Types

Kratom produces two types of “highs,” each of which is dependent on the dosage. It can offer an energizing high in modest doses, with users reporting feeling more energized.

They also said they were happier, had better attention, were more optimistic, had more bright energy, and felt euphoric, among other things. This type of “high” has also been attributed to a specific strain of Kratom, such as White Vein Borneo or other white-veined leaf varieties in general.

The capacity of Kratom to give a more peaceful, serene mood, or the so-called Relaxing High, is another benefit. When Kratom is used in higher doses, this effect emerges. Some people said they were less stressed, less depressed, had better sleep, and were more peaceful.

Kratom also has a sedative effect, which can help people who are anxious. The red-veined leaves of Kratom, such as the Red Vein Borneo are known to produce this type of “high.”

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The Justification for Kratom’s Legality

Kratom is still legal in most places, thanks to over a thousand years of use from its origins and hundreds of years of patronage outside its borders. This further establishes Kratom’s position as a natural medicine with a long list of health advantages, rather than an unlawful narcotic that only gives temporary relief and has the same negative side effects as opiates.

There have been no known incidences of death or major physical injury as a result of Kratom usage over the years, which is why it is legal to use and is classed similarly to coffee, making it easily accessible to users.

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With these benefits and the absence of any illness-causing side effects, Kratom deserves to be classified as a natural medicine rather than a drug. Others’ reports of a Kratom high are accurate, but only in a wholesome, more logical sense, and largely refers to its medicinal power on the inside and out, not only on the surface.

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