Wrong packages?

The package that has been sent is always included with full documents, tracking number would be given by the courier after the packages proceed in the system, the recipient could track the package as well to follow the movement of the package.

However, if at any time the items move to the wrong destination (address exchanged in the shipping section caused by human error), then we will contact the relevant shipping to follow up on the problem. Generally, the items will returned to the sender (broker) in order to change the address or attach the correct address and re-ship it to the recipient, there will be new tracking number given to the recipient.

Wrong products?

We always do our best to be professional supplier in our business, avoid the mistakes that could happen sometimes due to an error. However, if one day you get a wrong product (strains) from us, we take the responsibility by replacing the product for free to next order shipment.

Held by Customs?

If the package is held on the customs, we will try to manage with the broker’s service that we use to pass the item from the customs so it can be delivered to the recipient. However, if these efforts do not show the results, then there will be two choices we offer, whether we resend the package or refund the money.

Notes: money guarantees only apply to those who use private shipping services (re-read the delivery shipment page for details).